Welcome to Smart Cheli, we inspire girls to discover and pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Our Vision

Balancing the gender gap in the stem field by STEAM-based workshop and mentorship program.

Empowering Girls in STEM:
Closing the Gender Gap with Smart Cheli

As a female-led social enterprise, we strive to create a balanced representation of genders in STEM field.

Our focus is on young girls aged 10 to 19, offering mentorship and STEM-based programs. With STEM fields in Nepal currently dominated by men, with women comprising only 5% to 10% of the workforce, our mission is clear: to cultivate critical thinking, nurture imaginations, and foster problem-solving skills among young girls, ensuring they have early exposure to STEM disciplines.

Statistics reveal that only 12% of Engineering & Technology graduates are women, contributing to the gender imbalance in STEM fields. Stereotypes often cause girls to lose interest in STEM subjects between ages 13 and 17. SMART CHELI aims to counter these stereotypes, providing equal STEM opportunities for girls aged 10 to 18, promoting gender balance and empowering women in STEM.

Our initiatives encompass playful learning, coding for girls, and mentorship programs led by successful female entrepreneurs. By empowering girls in STEM, we not only address gender disparity but also contribute to the overall growth and innovation in Nepal's STEM landscape.

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Our Team

Meet the team working to close the gender gap in STEM.

Pratiksha Pandey

Chief Executive Officer

Pratiksha Pandey is an Electronics and Communication Engineer. She has been working in this field for four years. Currently, she has been working as a mentor for 1000 girls, 1000 futures program of New York Academy of Science. Also, she has been awarded by Power of Radiance award 2020 for working in the field of girls education.


Sulata Dhakal

Director of Program

Sulata Dhakal is a Master’s degree graduate in Structural Engineering from Pokhara University and was honored with Erasmus+ Scholarship for a mobility program. In addition, she is the Program Director of Smart Cheli and loves working with young minds and aspires to contribute towards the future of girls in stem.


Ila Adhikari

Educator and Curriculum Lead

Ila Adhikari is an Engineer, Writer, and Educator who likes being around plants. Having worked as a Software Developer, she has a special interest in Human-Computer Interaction, Behavioral Technology, and Data Visualization. Storytelling has always been Ila’s priority, whether through writing, teaching, or data. And she delves into topics that interest her by exploring and developing new projects.


Rujen Shrestha

Creative Design Lead

Currently pursuing Bachelor's in Computer Science and Information Technology, I am a tech enthusiast with a keen interest in multimedia. I have been working as a graphic designer for the past few years. I always look forward to learning more and believe in innovation and creativity. Traveling, street photography, and cycling are my activities for recreation.


Pragyee Shrestha

Product Development Lead

Pragyee Shrestha is an Electronics Engineer. She was also an Research Assistant at Research and Innovation Unit (RIU). Driven by the challenges of the data and its real-world application, she has contributed to various AI projects. In addition, she also embodies her successful role as an educator who is always eager to learn, share and explore.


Prativa Bhatta


Prativa Bhatta is an Educator and Biotechnologist who has a special interest in taking research into innovation. Her vision is to connect a bridge between scientific research and the community.


Aaradhana Ojha


Aaradhana Ojha is an educator at Smart Cheli and a fourth-year student of Electronics Communication and Information Technology. She is actively involved in projects related to electric scooters and a vehicle tracking system, driven by her passion for technology and commitment to sustainable solutions.


Santosh Upreti


Santosh Upreti is a enthusiastic computer engineer graduate from IOE. His passion in life is teaching to motivate people to transform their lives in better ways. With this passion he is working as an educator at Smart Cheli.


Ayushma Panta


Aayushma Panta is a computer vision research Engineer. She is also a scholar from Tribhuvan University, IOE. Driven by the challenges of the data and its real-world application, she has contributed to various AI projects. In addition, she also embodies her successful role as an educator who is always eager to learn, share and explore.