Fun Learning Zone For Kids Through Scratch Programming

Even though the first computer was invented in the 19th century, we can mark the 21st century as the “Computer World”. Computers have become a basic need for the large population especially after the covid-19 outgrew the world. The education system, health system, government, and many more have come under one single room i.e. computers. However, the craze of kids for computers is a never-ending story. I am pretty sure you have heard parents complaining that their children are too much busy with computers. The involvement in computers turns out to be negative when children use them against the cyber laws. Limiting the use of computers to study purpose and to grasp the beauty of the world beyond their bedroom is always a win-win thing.

Computers have made such an impact on kids that you will find their focus more on the computer rather than studies. But we cannot deny the fact that studies can be fun with the help of computers. Do you know what attracts the kids toward computers more? YES! it’s definitely games and movies. How about I introduce you to something that kids will start creating their own games and animations?

Giving the kids a programming environment of any sort, whether it’s a tool like Squeak or Scratch or Logo to write programs in a childish way — and I mean that in the most generous sense of the word, that is, playing with and building things- is one of the best ways to learn.

-Nicholas Negroponte

Scratch programming, a fun learning zone for children has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. No wonder scratch programming has become one of the favorites for kids these days. With this, one can create their own interactive stories, games, and animations. It’s a visual programming language. Easy to use and understand and a perfect platform for beginners, one can find amazing sprites and backgrounds along with sound effects. It is as simple that one can find all the commands on the left side of the website. There is no chance of one being lost within the complexities of scratch programming as the site has guidelines with videos to guide you through them. Scratch is designed, developed, and moderated by the Scratch Foundation, a nonprofit organization.

Trust me when I say this; you won’t regret suggesting younger ones this programming. Through scratch programming, kids are generating knowledge of mathematics and science in a visual manner which they would then have learned theoretically only. Conditional loops and flow of actions are some basic concepts that everyone should at least have. Creativity is the key factor for many success stories. And obviously, starting with coding as early as possible has become mandatory in this new era of 0’s and 1’s.

The questions like how and where to start always pop up whenever we take a step towards something new. Scratch programming is for beginners, so it is obvious that you need not know any other programming languages. In return, it will help you to learn other programming languages. There are many videos on Youtube to guide you through scratch programming. However, if you are not comfortable learning from Youtube channels then there are many organizations that give paid and unpaid workshops and training. One such organization is Smart Cheli.

Smart Cheli, an organization that provides training to young girls between 10–14 years of age has conducted about 7+ workshops(paid and unpaid) on scratch programming. Till date, numerous young enthusiastic girls have graduated in scratch programming from Smart Cheli. We create an environment, friendly enough for our young generation to create their own imagination.

Why don’t you hear from our alumnus?

After knowing from our alumnus how exciting scratch programming is, I am sure that you guys are planning to learn it. Stay tuned with Smart Cheli to apply for the next cohort.

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