STEAM AddhyanShala

Engage your kids for fun based STEAM Education

About the program

STEAM AddhyanShala is a steam-based workshop for girls.

We involve them in the project and design-based learning which will help them to explore, ask questions and think about the solution from various perspectives, lure them to think outside the box and ultimately prepare them to pursue STEAM careers in their near future. The main aim of this program is to boost the curiosity of young girls in STEAM subjects by making their learning process fun, interactive and relevant.

Our current programs have following details.

Computational thinking

Computational thinking is an interrelated set of skills and practices for solving complex problems and their solutions in that computer can execute it.
Currently we are offering following courses :

Scratch is a foundation for programming languages. This is a tool for where young minds can learn programming by drag and drop blocks.

Our main aim of this program is to make them familiar with the world of programming. At the end of the program students will be familiar with the concept of programming and develop a game by themselves.

Target Group :Beginner
Duration : 1 Months

See Course Structure

After making them familiar with the basic programming concept ,we will introduce them with a real programming language through python.

During this program they will be familiar with real time programming language,compiling and  debugging the code.At the end of the program,we will assign them to develop a solution for their existing

problem using the skills they learned in the training phase.

See Course Structure

Build and Learn

We help our clients succeed by creating brand identities, digital experiences, and print materials that communicate clearly, achieve marketing.

In this course, we will take young girls through the world of electronics and robotics and guide wYYthem through the basics step by step making them able to build simple circuits over time.

Target group :Beginner

See Course Structure

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